QUIZ: Should You Boycott Lilly Pulitzer for Fat Shaming?

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Fat Shaming

In case you haven’t heard, Lilly Pulitzer is under fire recently because of the “fat shaming decor” that was hung and captured in a photograph featured by The Cut (see above.) If you haven’t heard about this, please take the time to read about it here.

Please pause, while I collect my thoughts…


Okay, WHAT were the people who posted this in their work space thinking? What are the people who work for The Cut thinking in posting this? (I think they are trolls, personally.) I’ve read all about the situation and the theories are that either this person really was fat shaming just for fun, or that this person feels that way about themselves (whether fat or just needing to lose a few pounds.) Whatever the case may be, it is NOT something to be posted in a professional workplace. And knowing that other people could see them, and take them to heart…it’s very upsetting!

Did this person realize they were saying that because the person was FAT that they should KILL themselves? That because they are obese, they should not breathe? That because they are living in a body that this individual might not be comfortable, that they would be better off dead?

THAT is inappropriate and shameful. I hope that whoever this employee is comes to terms with herself, and realizes that we (fat women) would never say those things to her just because of her appearance. It’s just despicable, in my opinion, and I hope she really is getting a dose of reality and understands the gravity of this situation.


Rather than discuss all the wrong things about the situation with Lilly HQ, I really want to focus on what we, the plus sized community, do now!

I think that it’s up to each person to decide what to do and what’s best for them. Luckily, they don’t even carry plus sizes in the first place. (I can’t believe I even just said that!) It’s so crazy to think that, because earlier this month, I was SO upset that they didn’t carry plus sizes! (Thanks, Lilly for Target.)

If you have Lilly pieces like I do, it really is up to you what you do with them. Donate them? Keep them? Stash them away for a few months until the situation has gone away? Whatever you do- it’s your own decision to make!


I made this simple little quiz that should help you decide if you should boycott Lilly Pulitzer! Take it, and I would LOVE to hear your opinions on the matter! Are you boycotting? Are you like me and just bummed this company was so dumb RIGHT AFTER you purchased their PLUS SIZE clothes through their collaboration with Target? Let me know in the comments!

Boycott Lilly

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale: Jewelry

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

As the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale goes on, my need to inform you of the awesome deals increases. I’ve already shared some of my plus size picks and my favorite watches & bags. Now, I am sharing my picks for jewelry! These cuffs are easily my favorite, and SUCH a steal. Happy Shopping! <3


Nordstrom Zig Zag Open Cuff

Nordstrom Zig Zag Open Cuff


Nordstrom Open Cuff

Nordstrom Open Cuff


Kate Spade Cluster Stud Earrings

Kate Spade Cluster Stud Earrings


Girly Triangle Stone Pendant Necklace

Girly Triangle Stone Pendant Necklace


Nordstrom Layered Spike Necklace

Nordstrom Layered Spike Necklace


Gorjana Hashtag Pendant Necklace

Gorjana Hashtag Pendant Necklace


Grab a cup of tea, and peruse the sale. Then make sure you leave a comment to let me know your picks!

Mani Monday: Hampstead Grove by Nails Inc.

Monday, May 25th, 2015


I have a brand new obsession, and it’s with a great orangy-red toned coral nail polish. When I first purchased the Nails Inc Spring Summer 2015 Mini Gel Effect Collection, my eye was on the pastels. Little did I know that I would change my view on this set completely when I finally opened my mind to the amazing color.

I used my typical routine for painting my nails. Orly Bonder as a base, 2 coats of Hampstead Grove by Nails Inc, and then a final coat of Seche Vite to finish it off. I went to get a pedicure and was able to find a no-name bottle of polish that looked similar (just a bit more orange) to match my nails, since I forgot this one at home. THAT is how obsessed with it I am.


Perfect spring/summer bright, and they really stand out in my black Birks. :)

Life on Sundays: Dietland by Sarai Walker

Sunday, May 24th, 2015


Dietland by Sarai Walker



How many times do you get so deep into your Twitter stalking that you don’t even know how you landed on a page? I can say this happens to me more often than I would prefer to admit, but luckily, something great came from it a few months back. I came across Sarai Walker’s page. She’s the author of Dietland! Once I read all about the book, I knew it was something I was excited for. I reached out to Sarai, and she actually ended up sending me a pre-release of the book so I could read it and tell you guys all about it! I highly suggest you read the rest of this quick review, and then pre-order. This book will be available MAY 26th! So you don’t have too long to wait.



I am not the typical “fiction” lover, and I never have been. I am the type who likes to either read something that is real (non-fiction) or something that is a very possible fiction. I classify this book as a “very possible fiction” with the strong emphasis on a feminist uprise. The really cool thing about the book is that it isn’t your typical “burning bras” type of uprise, but more of an action-packed, revenge-seeking plot.

Something that really pulled me in, being a plus sized lady, is that the main character, Plum, is doing everything she can to become thin. She wants to be something she feels she has to because society insists it’s right. It’s a pressure I feel a lot, so I am always thinking about diets! The book does a great job of connecting with something most plus sized women can really feel in order to grab that strong connection with the resentment and naive thoughts toward the weight loss industry Plum has right from the beginning.

Another thing I was able to really draw a connection to was the strong emphasis in the role that media plays in politics and life in general. Since I work in advertising, I am very aware of the twists and turns people go through to make themselves look good, but also the amount of hoops businesses and business leaders are willing to jump through to make their interests be prominent and spun in the best light.

Beyond these awesome connections I had, the story line is just great. It’s enough mystery to really see you through, and the connections to the characters and experiences will keep you interested and reading. The ending really did leave me wanting more, so I hope this will be the first in a series!



Even as a woman who is not a feminist (while still strongly believing in women’s rights,) I feel this book is a must-read for all women, but especially plus sized ladies who are feeling pressure from the weight loss industry. It’s a modern take on a feminist uprise, and is a thrilling book to read! It’s a book that, although being fiction, will make you feel as though you have learned something and really will give your mind some exercise, room for thought, and keep you asking yourself important, probing life questions.



Physical Copy

Kindle Download





Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale: Bags & Watches

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale is here! It’s like Christmas, only you have to buy the stuff yourself. (Bummer.) Yesterday, I shared my Plus Size favorites from the sale, so be sure to check those out! Today, I am sharing my favorite bags & watches. (Ahhh, some of my favorite things!) I hope you like them, but if you want to check out everything else they have on sale, you should!


Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Crossbody Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Crossbody Bag


Kate Spade New York Cedar Street - Small Hayden

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street – Small Hayden


Burberry Check Stamped Round Bracelet Watch, 34mm

Burberry Check Stamped Round Bracelet Watch, 34mm


Michael Kors Mercer Large Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, 45mm

Michael Kors Mercer Large Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, 45mm


Kate Spade New York Metro Heart Dial Leather Strap Watch, 34mm

Kate Spade New York Metro Heart Dial Leather Strap Watch, 34mm


Now, I don’t know about you, but I am crushing pretttty hard on that Mini MAC bag! What are you going to pick up from the Half-Yearly sale?

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale: Plus Size Clothing

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale is here! I am not going to lie, it feels like the last one was just last week, but then again I haven’t been too on top of sales/shopping besides random outlets since Christmas time!

I wanted to share my plus size clothing picks from the #Nsale, so hopefully you will see something you like and be able to get an awesome deal! Stay tuned, because I will be posting another that focuses on accessories and one for beauty as well!

Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket
iconMichael Kors Leather Moto Jacket


Vince Camuto Chiffon Overlay Jersey Maxi Dress

Vince Camuto Chiffon Overlay Jersey Maxi Dress


Adrianna Papell Piped Waist Lace Fit & Flare Dress

Adrianna Papell Piped Waist Lace Fit & Flare Dress


Michael Kors V-Neck Flutter Sleeve Jersey Jumpsuit

Michael Kors V-Neck Flutter Sleeve Jersey Jumpsuit


DKNYC Print Roll Sleeve Shirtdress

DKNYC Print Roll Sleeve Shirtdress


KUT from the Kloth Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

KUT from the Kloth Distressed Boyfriend Jeans


Taylor Dresses Stripe Popover Floral Fit & Flare Dress

Taylor Dresses Stripe Popover Floral Fit & Flare Dress


Are you planning on picking up something special from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale?

Ipsy Vs. Birchbox May 2015

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

In the video, I showed you Ipsy Vs. Birchbox for May 2015. I let you know in that video that I really am having a moment where I feel like I might unsubscribe from one or the other. I think they are SO fun to get, but that my home is just being FILLED with samples I don’t end up using (most of the time.) I probably give away over half the samples I receive, and that’s just not a wise way to spend my money. So I think I will give it one, maybe 2 more months, then make a decision!

If you were me, which subscription box would you keep?

If you want to see more details about the boxes and the price breakdown for each box, read below.



Birchbox- Cupcakes + Cashmere

Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect- $4.80
Juice Beauty® STEM CELLULAR™ CC Cream- $3.90
Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer- $14.40
Harvey Prince Sincerely- $1.50
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain- $5.32

Birchbox Total Value: $29.92

Benefits: Their rewards program is top-notch! You basically get $10 back for every 2 boxes you receive, which is just awesome. Their store is great, which is something they definitely have a leg-up on over Ipsy. You can buy anything you receive in your box on their website directly. (Genius.) The products seem a bit more “Sephora” if you will, while Ipsy is “Ulta.” (I hope you get the reference here!) Another good thing is that they actually seem to listen to your feedback on product types you don’t prefer and lately my skin colored products have actually matched!

Drawbacks: They can be a little stingy on the product sample sizes. They can sometimes tend to be a little heavy on perfume samples as well! I had stopped using Birchbox in the past for issues with samples being “junk” in my opinion, but it seems they have really turned this around.

If you don’t have a Birchbox or want to know more about it, check it out and sign up here. It’s only $10/month and you get a lovely box of goodies to your door every month!



Ipsy- Jetsetter

Briogeo Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray- $3.92
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil- $13.33
BelláPierre Cosmetics Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencil- $14.99
Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer- $0.93
Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205- $12.00

Ipsy Total Value: $45.17

Benefits: Ipsy tends to do things that are a little less high end. (Think Ulta vs. Sephora.) The value in the bag is usually much higher than that of Birchbox. I attribute that to them being a bit more generous with their sample sizes.

Drawbacks: Some products are by brands you can only get on their own online stores. The accumulation of bags can be overwhelming. Their rewards program needs some serious re-vamping. They don’t seem to really listen to feedback in products you would like- many people get the same products no matter their skin tone of preference.

If you don’t have an Ipsy or want to know more about it, check it out and sign up here. It’s only $10/month and you get a lovely bag of goodies to your door every month!

FASH FRIEND: Jen Morgan | Plus Size Fashion Q&A

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Fash Friend Questions—

Name: Jen Morgan
Instagram: @jenlea14
Twitter: @JenMorgan94
Age: 20
Location: Greater Boston Area
Profession: Student and Freelance Journalist
Inspirations: Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and my friends.
Three words to describe your style perfectly: Classic, floral and clean-cut.
Fashion Role Models: Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr
Favorite Makeup Brand: I’d say Make Up For Ever because I am obsessed with their Aqua Rouge and HD Finishing powder, but MAC is a close second.
Favorite Musician: Ed Sheeran!
One Interesting Fact about Yourself: Since preschool and counting my time in college, I’ve attended 13 different schools.


Digging Deeper— Health & Wellness

Do you feel that being plus-sized has become more accepted in society?
Yes, since I think stores and fashion brands are more accepting of plus-sized women, since many stores have been introducing plus-sized lines recently. Even though it’s becoming more accepted, I still think there is a stigma attached to being plus-sized, like we’re not normal because we don’t fit the traditional mold.

Are you offended by being called “plus sized”? If so, what would you prefer?
I used to get offended by the term, but now I think I’m just used to it, and therefore it doesn’t tend to bother me anymore. I wish there wasn’t a difference between “regular” and plus-sizes, but instead just “sizes” so nobody is singled out for their body type.

What are your main reasons for working out? Health? Weight loss?
I enjoy working out for my health, stress relief and weight loss. My health is fine, but since I am overweight, I’d still like to lose a few more pounds to get into my healthy BMI range.

What are some reasons you wouldn’t go work out? (Besides having a lazy day.)
If I am not having a lazy day but still had some motivation to work out, I wouldn’t allow myself to do so if I had eaten an unhealthy meal earlier in the day, since working out soon after eating greasy food is never ideal. I also might not work out if I’m having an “ugly” day and I don’t like the way any of my gym clothes look. I’m also a freelance writer, so my deadlines change all the time and so I might not work out just because I’m too busy writing.

Which stores are your favorites for shopping plus sized active wear?
My favorite pair of athletic leggings is actually from Berkley and Jensen, so I recommend shopping there for active wear because they have a variety of sizes and colors available at affordable prices. I also have active wear pieces from Target and Walmart that have proven to be very durable, so I recommend shopping there as well.

If ONE STORE that doesn’t carry plus sizes created an extended line, which store would you wish for it to be?
Thankfully many of my favorite stores, such as Charlotte Russe, Target and Forever 21, have recently added plus-sized collections, so I am pretty content at the moment in terms of stores offering plus-sized items. Additionally, it would be awesome if Victoria’s Secret PINK had a plus-sized collection, since their clothes are pretty durable and super trendy.



#PSOOTD Details:
Cardigan – Forever 21
Dress and Belt – Marshalls
Hat and Purse – Primark
Shoes – Payless


Makeup Details:
Lip ColorNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo
BB CreamGarnier
PowderMake Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder

Joan Maxi by SWAK Designs | PSOOTD

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


Who doesn’t love a pretty maxi dress? You know, the kind you can dress down with sandals or dress up with heels and some pretty jewelry? Ahhh, it’s a simple kind of chic. This specific plus size dress comes from SWAK Designs, who graciously sent me this one to review for you all.

From the first time I visited the SWAK website, I knew that the dresses category would be where I would be spending most of my time! (Even though all of their plus size clothes are pretty great!) I had a hard time picking my favorite dress, but narrowed it down to the Joan Maxi.


The Joan is a pretty dress with simple lines. It’s a pretty, Grecian type of flowy dress. It comes in a many different colors but, of course, I wanted so badly to choose black! I talked myself out of it, because I know I have enough black dresses hanging in my closet, that’s for sure. The color I decided on is charcoal! It’s a nice switch from black, but still flattering overall.

I paired this dress with a pink/nude flower statement necklace that I got from Wal-Mart, which was an awesome steal for only $5! It really fits well with the neck line of the dress, so I am pretty excited about this combo.  I’m wearing my wedding shoes by Ivanka Trump as well, since they are a pretty pinkish nude classic pump. The pointy toe and pencil heel make the whole outfit feel a bit more chic and girly.

I definitely recommend this dress! It is comfortable and the material feels really quality. It was my first experience with SWAK, but I will definitely be back for more. They have just added some newer products to their site as well, so you should definitely check their line out when you’re updating your wardrobe for summer.

(In case you were wondering about sizing: I chose the size 3X, but it really is a bit large for me.)

Rebel Wilson for Torrid- Coming Soon!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

rebel wilson for torrid

Rebel Wilson has just announced that she is launching a capsule collection with Torrid later this year, and I feel like this means dreams do come true! I love Rebel! I think that her fresh perspective is needed in the plus size clothing community, and her positive vibes are always a plus!

Here are some things I am hoping to get from Rebel Wilson for Torrid:

  1. Reasonable pricing! So many times celebrities come out with fashion lines, then I see the tags and I’m like “NAH! I didn’t like you THAT much!” With Rebel, I am hoping she keeps the integrity in tact and charges an appropriate amount for her pieces. I am not expecting Forever 21+ low pricing, but hopefully not a crazy price gouge either. I think Torrid is a great company for her to partner with in respect to pricing, even if I usually find it quite spendy.
  2. Fresh & New! The joy of a capsule collection is that the big brand can bring in some loyal shoppers to pick you up if the “fans” don’t quite like what they see. Something I have noticed with collections like this in the past is that they tend to still all look like something you could pick up throughout the store instead of catered more around the celeb’s style. I want to see Rebel in this collection…
  3. Bold colors, simple silhouettes, and interesting twists! That is what I would expect from a line by Rebel. I typically love her red carpet looks- she is always very classy, but with a very fun side. I’m really hoping we get some of that in this line.

I’m SO excited to start seeing some pieces from this line. How many of you all are excited to get your hands on these pieces, selected by Rebel herself? I know I am!

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