Ipsy Vs. Birchbox April 2015

Friday, April 24th, 2015

april 2015 ipsy vs birchbox

Ipsy- Beautifully Bohemian

JulieG Nail Color in Damsel- $3.99
Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango- $15.00
theBalm Cosmetics Nude Dude Eyeshadow in Flirty- $3.00
MicaBeauty Eye Brimer- $22.48
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk- $9.00

Ipsy Total Value: $53.47

Benefits: Ipsy tends to do things that are a little less high end. (Think Ulta vs. Sephora.) The value in the bag is usually much higher than that of Birchbox. I attribute that to them being a bit more generous with their sample sizes.

Drawbacks: Some products are by brands you can only get on their own online stores. The accumulation of bags can be overwhelming. Their rewards program needs some serious re-vamping. They don’t seem to really listen to feedback in products you would like- many people get the same products no matter their skin tone of preference.

If you don’t have an Ipsy or want to know more about it, check it out and sign up here. It’s only $10/month and you get a lovely bag of goodies to your door every month!


Birchbox- Fresh for Spring

Wei Manuka Bee Venom Mask- $7.50
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Brightening Illuminator- $10.18
Fekkai Pre Soleil Hair Mist- $8.00
Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm- $3.63
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain- $5.00

Birchbox Total Value: $34.31

Benefits: Their rewards program is top-notch! You basically get $10 back for every 2 boxes you receive, which is just awesome. Their store is great, which is something they definitely have a leg-up on over Ipsy. You can buy anything you receive in your box on their website directly. (Genius.) The products seem a bit more “Sephora” if you will, while Ipsy is “Ulta.” (I hope you get the reference here!) Another good thing is that they actually seem to listen to your feedback on product types you don’t prefer and lately my skin colored products have actually matched!

Drawbacks: They can be a little stingy on the product sample sizes. They can sometimes tend to be a little heavy on perfume samples as well! I had stopped using Birchbox in the past for issues with samples being “junk” in my opinion, but it seems they have really turned this around.

If you don’t have a Birchbox or want to know more about it, check it out and sign up here. It’s only $10/month and you get a lovely box of goodies to your door every month!

April Lipstick Challenge: Week 3

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

april lipstick challenge week 3

I can’t say I have been 100% faithful to the April Lipstick Challenge. Okay, not even 50%, but I am still wearing more lip colors instead of sticking to just the same old ones. So not all is lost! Check out the colors I’ve worn the past week in the picture above. The details are below. It’s never too late to share your lipstick of the day with me! Just use #aprillipstickchallenge!

Melon Mania by Maybelline Baby Lips (Similar)
Tangerine by Bite Beauty
Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain by Jane Iredale

Mani Monday: Harlem Shake by Deborah Lippmann

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Mani Monday Harlem Shake by Deborah Lippmann

Happy Monday! This week I’ve got a pretty pink color in honor of “Pink Sunday” which was yesterday’s nickname for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target release. What a CRAZY time had by all! Did you get anything online or in stores? I was able to swipe a few things that are SUPER cute, so I can’t wait to share!

Anyway- this week’s color is Harlem Shake by Deborah Lippmann from the Big Bang Collection. It’s a fun, fuschia color that’s super girly and bright! Any suggestions for some new colors to try this season? I’m needing some new colors!

Curvy Girl Workout Gear: Livi Active by Lane Bryant

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Curvy Girl Livi Active

Since I began blogging, I can easily say my style has changed by leaps and bounds. I remember 4 years ago when I didn’t own a single pair of trainers, and now I would be lost without them. My go-to for comfort was a dress, but now I am most comfortable when I look like I’m headed straight to the gym (even if I’m not, which is usually.)

I’m glad that more brands are embracing this casual, stylish, lifestyle-like clothing for the plus size community. One of the newer, more exciting active wear lines is by an old faithful for the plus community, Lane Bryant. Their new line, Livi Active, is meant to be “like a second skin” and perfect for performance, on the go, and lounge wear.

I was lucky enough to get this set of clothing gifted to me by Lane Bryant to include in my series of Curvy Girl Workout Gear and to share with you all! Check out all the pieces, my honest opinions, and information on them below.

Curvy Girl Lane Bryant


My overall experience with the Livi Active line is positive. Lane Bryant has a BIG job to do in catering to plus sized ladies from teen to retirement, so it’s nice that they thought of the active portion with this launch. You can see my thoughts and ideas on specific pieces below, as well as links to each product so you can easily locate them. I recommend that you go check out this line in-store if you’re curious!


    • (Wearing 22/24) This t-shirt is so comfortable, soft, and adorable. When I selected it, I really wanted something to show off the brand to you guys, but out of all the pieces I received, this is my favorite. It’s a very flattering shirt in how it’s shaped. The one and only think that might be nice is a tiny bit longer sleeves. Overall- an awesome t-shirt!
    • (Wearing 22/24) This jacket is another hit! Personally, track jackets are a favorite, and it’s difficult to locate one (even in plus size) that fits when it’s zipped up. This one is a great fit and is comfortable. Also, the color of this jacket is SUCH a stunner! It shows up my eyes for which is bluer, and it matches the logo tee perfectly.
    • (Wearing 20/22) Originally, I wanted the galaxy pants, but they were sold out!! :( I hope they get them back in stock so I can snag those up. These were my second choice, and they fit really well. They come up high on my waist so I don’t have to worry about them falling down or needing to readjust throughout my workout or anything. I wore them last night to just lounge around on the couch and they were just as comfortable then as they are when I’m being active. The flowers are an AWESOME print too. (In case you love it, they also have shorts and a top in this print too!)


Livi Active Bra

    • (Wearing 44DDD) Of all the pieces I received from the Livi Active line, the only one I didn’t get on with was this bra. Do NOT get me wrong, it is a great quality, incredibly supportive and well thought out design! The bra seems so run a bit small, though. I ordered a 42D. (I usually wear 42D or 44C.) When I tried it on it didn’t fit in the slightest (except in the cup.) When I went online to see if I could swap for possibly a 44D or 46D, they didn’t have them in this style. I went to the store, and they didn’t have any of them except for 1- a 44DDD. I picked it up, and it fits pretty well! I still wish I had a 46 band, but this size still works pretty well. The straps adjust up and down in the back for a better, more stable fit, which is VERY nice. Long story short: I recommend this bra, but ONLY if you try them on for the perfect fit. Don’t expect your regular size to fit you in this style.

April Lipstick Challenge: Week 2

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

April Lipstick Challenge Week 2

Thank you to everyone who had decided to take part in April Lipstick Challenge with me so far! I did a GREAT job with Week 1…with week 2? NOT so much. I got around to wearing/posting 3 out of 7. I am so bad with these challenges that I honestly don’t know why I started one! I promise to be better starting tomorrow! But it has been fun and I LOVE seeing what some other ladies are rocking on their lips!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to head over to Instagram and look at the #aprillipstickchallenge hashtag!

Below are the 3 lip products from this past week!

Mani Monday: Spring 2015 New Releases

Monday, April 13th, 2015

spring 2015 nail collections

There are just some weeks that I don’t want to change my nail polish. Or I want to wait until Wednesday and put on a color that I’ve already shown you. I should be entitled to these weeks, right?

This Mani Monday is dedicated to new nail polish releases for Spring 2015. The trend seems to be very pastel (think mostly white) or poppy coral or pink. I’ve gathered my picks for the season up and you can check them all out in the list below. (Pics above.)

Will you be picking up any of these collections?

La Palette Nude 2 by L’Oreal

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

La Palette Nude 2 by Loreal The Pretty Plus

Of course L’Oreal couldn’t just bring one palette out…they had to do two at a time! Last week, I wrote about La Palette Nude 1, and now I am going to share my thoughts on La Palette Nude 2. THIS is the one I really had my eye on when I was heading out to the drugstore to purchase these bad boys. I couldn’t find it at first! When I finally saw it in person, I was really impressed by the range of colors and the depth of some of the shadows.


I really love purple/rose/burgundy shades, so this palette is right up my alley. It also has quite a few matte shades, so it is a great palette to go from day to night. Speaking of the matte shades, this palette is being compared to the Tartelette palette by Tarte. It definitely does have the same purpley thing going on as well as many matte shades featured. I don’t personally have Tartelette (all matte isn’t quite my thang) so I can’t really do a good comparison! But if I had to judge just by the amount of mattes and the types of colors, I would say Tartelette is the high-end equivalent for La Palette Nude 2.


Would I recommend this? YES! I think it’s great and I prefer this one over La Palette Nude 1 as well. Of all the drug store palettes out there (even the original The Nudes palette by Maybelline– which I’m a BIG fan of…) I like this one the most. For $15.94 at the drug store, you can’t go wrong with this one!


April Lipstick Challenge: Week 1 Roundup

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

April Lipstick Challenge Week 1

Thank you to everyone who had decided to take part in April Lipstick Challenge with me so far! The month isn’t over, so feel free to jump in on ANY day and post your lipstick along with me!

I’ve gotten a few questions that I would love to address as well!

NO! You do not have to post every single day! Post whichever day you feel like posting. Whether it’s 1 day or all 30, I am just happy to have you participate with me.

YES! It can be lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, lip liner, lip balm- whatever! I am a lover of all lip products, so just show me what you have on those lips, girl.

I hope this answers the main questions I’ve been getting. Check out my list of lip products from 1-7 below, as well as where you can get them from. On to week two!

  • Patisserie by Mac Cosmetics
  • Beehive by Seventeen Mirror Shine (UK)
  • Hunk by NYX Butter Lipstick
  • Cruella by NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
  • Pink Pop by Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
  • Syrup by Mac Cosmetics
  • Fireball by NYX Butter Lipstick

Rocksbox: 2nd Box the Charm?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015


Have you heard of Rocksbox? It’s a monthly jewelry rental subscription box! (Think Birchbox meets Rent the Runway!) If you like a certain piece in your box, you can pay the discounted price and keep it instead of sending it back. (20% off retail price!)

This is my second time receiving a box. Last time, all the pieces in my box were a TOTAL hit. This time, well…2 out of 3 ain’t bad!


Earrings: Perry Street Bleecker Crystal Earrings ($44)
My FAVORITE from the box. So fun, yet not “too much.” I am really considering keeping these bad boys!

Bracelet: Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Aqua Chalcedony ($88)
Super pretty, yet I don’t feel like it’s worth $88. It’s really simple and feminine. But again, you could probably find something similar at Forever 21. :)

Necklace: Gorjana Taner Shimmer Necklace in Gold ($65)
The worst. I really didn’t like this necklace. The first reason is that I think it looks cheap. The second reason is because the “gold” is a bit too yellow. The third, and most major, reason is because it wouldn’t fit. Being plus-sized, I feel like a lot of necklaces don’t naturally fit because of my larger neck, but USUALLY they have a built-in extender. This one did not. I am not a fan.

If you want a Rocksbox of your very own, you can head to www.rocksbox.com and sign up! Be sure to use promo code prettyplusonlinexoxo. You can get your FIRST MONTH for FREE!



MANI MONDAY: Breakfast in Bed by Rimmel London

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Mani Monday Breakfast in Bed by Rimmel London Rita Ora

I just happen to be the queen of pastels at the moment! Last week, I featured Swan Street by Nails Inc– which was $14 for a bottle! This week, I’m bringing you an inexpensive option! This is Breakfast in Bed by Rimmel London! I absolutely love Rimmel London 60 Seconds polishes. They are amazingly pigmented, great colors, easy to apply, the best brushes around, and AFFORDABLE. This polish is $1.50, for crying out loud!

Don’t get me wrong, Swan Street by Nails Inc is INCREDIBLE. It’s so lovely and understated. But if you are looking for something a bit brighter and easier on the wallet, then you should definitely consider Breakfast in Bed as a great option!


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