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    I was provided a free trial Jenny Craig program and meals. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


    I figured it was about time to give you all an update on my Jenny Craig journey! A lot of times, we start things and are so excited to do them and share them in the beginning, but then trickle off from doing them more and more each passing week. I can’t say it’s been super-easy to stick to the plan at all times, but there have been three really helpful things to practice and remember that have made my Jenny Craig program a success for me. Those three things are utilizing my consultant, realizing how much money and food I was wasting, and choosing the right foods for the right times (travel, holidays, etc.)


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    Utilizing Your Consultant

    Of all the will-power in the world, I can’t fully describe how great my consultant has been! It’s such a great feeling to go in and show her that I’ve followed the plan. She gets excited, which makes ME excited and is able to celebrate when I lose weight, which is always something hard for me to do for some reason. When I have a bad week and don’t lose, she is always helpful in giving me tips and advice to get my mind right and to keep me focused on the end goal/prize, which is ultimately my health and a baby! She also helps me make sure I’m following the plan.

    When my consultant saw I was struggling with being a picky eater, she switched me to a “Create Your Own” menu and has allowed me to choose my favorites, which helps because I know I will like whatever I’m having for lunch or dinner. (FYI- Fish & Chips is my all-time favorite, but I love the Loaded Baked Potato and Spaghetti & Meatballs a lot too!)


    saving money on jenny craig and cheeseburger bank

    Saving Money with Jenny Craig

    Ironically, yes. That big burger is my piggy bank.

    I’ve been asked by just about everyone who has talked to me about Jenny Craig about how much it costs. “That’s so expensive though, I could never do it!” Well, I think that might not be completely true. I was doing the math the other day (since we are buying a new home, we have been re-working our budgets often.) They say the average price per day for someone doing the Jenny Craig program is between $15-$23. For me, I’ve calculated that the Jenny Craig food costs me an average of $22/day or $154/week. On average, my added vegetables, fruits, protein, etc. ends up being between $40-50 each week. For the sake of easy math, let’s say between Jenny Craig and the groceries associated, I spend $200/week.

    If I am being honest, I could easily spend more than that off the plan. I would usually skip breakfast, have lunch out for $12-15, pick up a few sodas or snacks in the afternoon for $2-3, then go to dinner with my husband for $15-20. Then I could stop for an ice cream to cap off my night for $3-5. Even if I go off of the lower end of my calculations, food off the Jenny Craig program costs me around $32/day or $224/week! That’s a lot of money!


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    Sure, if you decide to eat healthy and go to the grocery store to get all your food and meal prep, you could save more and maybe even do $100-120/week, but the most special part to me ties back in to my first point- you get a consultant! They are there to keep you accountable! If you were to work with a consultant yourself, you would be looking at hundreds of dollars per month, but with Jenny Craig, it’s all in the plan. I’m a big fan of being true to myself, and I know that for the money, the food and consultant combination is a winner!


    jenny craig cheeseburger

    Choosing the Right Foods for the Right Occasion

    Last week was a holiday weekend. You can bet that I was with family and friends the whole time, celebrating, eating, and enjoying life. I stuck to my plan 100%. Awesome willpower, huh? Nope! I just planned for the things I knew I would want to do! I opted for some “on the go” breakfasts and a Jenny Craig Cheeseburger for lunch. I talked with my consultant and used the literature given from the plan to make good choices while still getting to have some of my dad’s delicious barbecue dinner and a cookie at my best friend’s house!

    I don’t know where I’ve heard this quote from, but it’s a good and useful one: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” It’s so true, and maybe I won’t lose any weight this week, but what if I had gone rogue from my plan all together?! I could have gained 5lbs or more! I am grateful for the guidance and literature to give me freedom, but also know my limits.

    Speaking of knowing my limits, I have done a fair bit of traveling in the last few weeks as well. This isn’t ideal for being on the Jenny Craig plan, but LIFE HAPPENS! I am getting ready to leave again today for a 5-day trip to Chicago. I wanted to share with you some of my tips for traveling while on the Jenny Craig plan!


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    Jenny Craig Travel Tips

    1. PLAN IT OUT. Make sure you look at your days and the events you have in store. Look at menus before you go into restaurants so you can have a clear idea of what you will order. Try ordering from the kids’ menu for smaller portions!
    2. BE REALISTIC. I am traveling 4+ hours in the summer. I am not going to be able to keep my meals frozen! So I am going to have to opt for snacks and meals* that are okay to be thawed out, or do not need refrigeration.
    3. KEEP ACCOUNTABLE. Talk with your consultant about the trip and the triggers you might have. She can give you ideas for coping you never thought of yourself. Also, keep accountable to your travel partners. Let them know your plan and where you know you will struggle and let them help you to stay motivated.
    4. BE FLEXIBLE. Not everything will go as planned. You may have to stop to eat somewhere you didn’t plan on, but just remember your portion sizes and eat a lot of vegetables!
    5. HAVE FUN. If you love eating (like I do) it will be hard, but make eating the least of your worries. Have a good time doing the activities and remember that we eat for fuel! Have a good meal, but don’t get too caught up!


    *I am taking some fruit that’s easy to transport, my shakes, and breakfast muffins, mixed berry bars, and cinnamon rolls for breakfasts. It’s going to be helpful to start off the day right. Then I will have fruit on hand for snacking if I need it, but for lunch and dinner, I am going to be out and about with friends, at conferences, and concerts. If you have more chill time (say at a beach house instead of a big city) you can bring some of the non-frozen meals and have them for lunch, then enjoy dinner with your travel mates. Of course, I am bringing some Jenny Craig White Cheddar Popcorn along, because, honey, road trips are HARD without snacks!


    I hope these three tips and practices really help you out, especially the travel tips! You can do it too! Whether you’re already doing Jenny Craig and just need some motivation or are just starting and think life has too many obstacles, you got this! If you have any tips or questions for me, leave them in the comments below!

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