Motivation & a Manicure: Nantucket by Ciaté



    Over the last week, I had COUNTLESS reminders that if we want to be happy, we have to be the creators of said happiness. If we choose to be happy, we chose the events of our lives and we choose who we talk to or don’t, WE are the ones who are IN CONTROL! I don’t know about you, but thinking about all the things that I love, and knowing that I get to control the amount of those things I feel strongly about makes me SO HAPPY.

    “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” -Oscar Wilde

    This Oscar Wilde quote has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. It’s mainly because I love the things he mentions in the quote, but you could replace it with virtually ANYTHING to give this quote special meaning to you. If I were to recreate this quote as if it were said by me, with bits from my life, my quote would be…

    “With blogging, tacos, John Mayer, and cats, who could not be happy?” -Brittney Mason

    I urge you to take a bit more responsibility for the amount of happiness you own in your life! You could make yourself happy, you just have to be brave enough to remove all the things that make you UNhappy, and maximize on the things that do make you happy.



    Nail Color- Nantucket by Ciaté

    This color was from the Olivia Palermo collection from Ciaté AKA the collection that took all my money. I have all the colors from the collection, and there is no looking back. I even have one of my best friends hooked on the Sundays color- as it’s apparently the perfect color for people who want to look like they aren’t wearing polish, but still want to be all glossy and baby pink. Long story short, these are all great polishes and the colors are excellent! The packaging is also really nice, so they make a great gift!

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