Motivation and a Manicure: Bright White by Kendra Scott

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    Yeah, you read that right. I’ve revamped #ManiMonday and added some inspirational shiz. (Who still says shiz?) I’ve been tossing and turning over what I should do about Mani Monday since I’ve been doing it for about ever and I know by now what type of colors I want to wear. I want to be able to repeat colors, but still share what I am loving with you. I also wanted to be able to give up some sort of inspiration or motivation to start the week right, whether it be a song or quote or just a thought in my head, I thought it would be something that packs a bit more punch than just a mani post.

    With that being said, this week, I wanted to share a quote from one of my favorite dudes, John Mayer. I’m pretty sure everyone has one of those musicians that they just connect with, whether it’s for the lyrics or music or both. John’s stuff is just medicine to me, so don’t be surprised if you see many, many motivational posts to come.


    age of worry lyrics


    “Don’t scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.” This quote comes from the song “Age of Worry” from the Born & Raised album by John Mayer. If you don’t know any Mayer stuff or his story, then a quick overview is that he had a rough patch concerning media and then had some medical issues concerning his vocal chords. When he was back at it, Born & Raised was the album that he put out. It’s VERY different from his other albums, but the lyrics are still just as meaningful and deep. Take a listen!

    To me, this quote is all about not fearing being by yourself. It’s a tough thing to do- separate from what you’ve always known or what has become comfortable. This lyric helped me in a big turning point in my life when I realized I didn’t need to be in a dead end relationship, doing the same things with the same people who don’t share my views or passion. Once I decided to step back, let go, and walk out on my own…wouldn’t you know it?! My friends and family met me out there.

    I say all that to let you know that YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE ELSE. You are good enough on your own. Don’t be afraid to go out and do your own thing. You will only find peace and clarity once you find value in yourself.


    kendra scott nail lacquer bright white


    Nail Polish- Bright White by Kendra Scott

    Yes, Kendra Scott! They came out with a new line of 23 polishes on Friday, and I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful white! White is so classic and gorgeous in ALL seasons, in my opinion. The packaging is the best part of this polish collection, in my opinion. In using the white, I can already tell you that the formula is runny, then it takes forever to dry.

    I feel like I started with a rough one, as whites are VERY hard to accomplish. On the flip side, it looks pretty bright. I would prefer it with shorter nails, but longer is working for me right now too. I did get a gorgeous copper color that’s looks SO fall.


    If you want to read more about my collaboration time with Kendra Scott, click here! If you need some more Kendra Scott Manicure motivation, head over to to see her #manimonday!