At Home Mani in Minutes x Essence

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    My friends, family and co-workers all know that I love to do my nails. They look forward to seeing which color I choose for my Mani Monday, and they especially love rummaging through the colors I am not keeping. (AKA a billion pastel colors that I don’t realize I have 5 copies of before purchasing.)

    One of the most common things people tell me is that they “can’t do their own nails.” Quite simply put, I say this is HOGWASH! (Who says that???) I think that there are a few things that are key to doing an at home mani, and no, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or take hours to do either.




    Since Essence is now available at select Target stores, I thought you might be interested to see how their products work in a tutorial today. They mainly offer product in three major beauty categories: lips, nails, and eyes. I love their nail polishes and base/top coats the most, but they have some really awesome lip products that are beautiful and high-quality as well! (Check out the Liquid Lipstick in Colour Party- my favorite!) I can’t wait to try some of their eye products, like the metal glam eyeshadows, as well- especially since I love their Eyebrow Designer already!



    Follow along the video with the step by step below to learn how to accomplish the perfect at home mani in minutes. You should definitely try this at home!




    Get rid of the junk!

    Remove old polish and cut back cuticles. This will help to start your process with a clean slate.


    Shape it up!

    Use a nail file to get your nails to your desired shape. Whether you prefer a square, oval, or talon shape, you can easily get your desired shape by filing carefully and lightly. No need to dig in and get over-eager- that’s how you end up taking too much off!


    Moisturize, Wash, & Cleanse!

    Take the time to use an oil on your nail beds, massage it in, and then be sure to wash your hands off. You can top your freshly scrubbed hands off with some hand cream, and then you should take either nail polish remover or alcohol on a swab and go over your nails so that your nails are squeaky clean and ready for polish.


    Use a stable, clean surface!

    Too many times, I’ve seen people trying to apply their polish on an invisible table. You need a good, solid table that won’t move, or at least a big heavy book on your lap to act as an anchor. You will want the hand you’re painting to be unmoved.




    Cover Your Bases!

    Always use a base coat! You can prevent polish from staining your nails, but you can also help make the polish stick around for longer than a day or two. It will also help lessen the amount of chips, and that’s what we really care, about right?! (I’m using the Essence Gel Nail Polish Base Coat.)




    Hold Steady!

    When you’re applying your first layer of polish, you should start from the middle and spread out. Remember that a thin coat is just enough! Don’t slop on too much, or it will start bleeding outside the lines and will look messy. It has a tendency to get goopy as well, which is never good. (I am using Essence Gel Nail Polish in Sweet As Candy 05.)


    Almost Perfect!

    When you’re on your second coat, you can use a bit more polish. At this point, it should seem a bit more seamless. Again, start from the middle and keep a steady hand. Don’t keep going over the same thing too many times either, because as the polish dries, it will get streaky and gross!




    The Coast is Clear!

    Be sure to coat your polish with a top coat. There are many kinds- hardening, shine, quick dry, and the one that is popular right now is “gel.” Gel manicures are famous for making a really glossy and kind of puffy look to the nails. They are generally “no chip” manicures and last for a few weeks. The downside is that they can be damaging to your nails and make them weak. The removal is pretty horrible as well. That’s why gel-like polishes and top coats, like the Essence Gel Nail Polish Top Coat, can give you the super glossy look without the harsh application and removal.




    Be Patient!

    The main issue I see people having with messing up their manicure process is getting over-ambitious. Chill out for a little bit. You don’t need to dig to find your phone, attempt to change your clothes, or cover up with a blanket! These things will all ruin your fresh manicure. I suggest using some sort of quick drying product. Essence has Nail Art Express Dry Drops that work like a CHARM to quickly dry your nails so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.





    You should definitely check out your local Target to see if they carry Essence. It’s such an awesome brand at an affordable price! My manicure looks like I used expensive, luxury brands, but it was just high quality products from the drugstore! I can’t recommend these nail products enough.

    Have you tried Essence products before? Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments!

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