My “Fashion” Uniform & dp Hue


I used to fancy myself a fashion blogger. I would be wild and experiment with a lot of different looks, but it’s taken some time to know that that’s just not true. I have a style, I am fashionable, but this blog of mine would be SO boring if I showed you all of my outfits!

How many times can I re-invent my same Gap Body leggings, 25 different black and white shirts, and the same pair of Birkenstocks. I’m not putting myself down here at all, I just know what I like! I am happy to share my outfits with you all, I just know when to show you something- it’s usually when it’s something different.



t-shirt- similar jeans- charlotte russe | jacket- similar | bag- zac posen
shoes- birkenstock (arizona) | bracelets- alex & ani | ring- amy cornwell


Today, I am showing an everyday outfit. Nothing different about it, nothing super special, just some ripped up jeans, black and white shirt, and a leather jacket. But I must say that I LOVE this look! It’s completely me, I feel comfortable and confident, and I feel authentic when I’m wearing this “uniform” if you will.




I wore this outfit to an event at Ulta hosted by the guys from dpHue and Karina (local blogger, Karina Style Diaries!) It was such a good time getting to see my bloggy friends (Regally Soled, fASHionately Me, and Big Hair & Foodie Fare) and learning about all the products from the new line called dpHue. We got to meet the owner and celebrity stylist Justin Anderson! (He was really cool, and ASKED to see pictures of my cats. I mean, how perfect is that?!)

When I get the chance to try the products, I will share with you all! Who knows, maybe I can broker some sort of giveaway for you so you can try too!!!



What do you wear most often? Are you adventurous or more of a uniform type of person? Uniform gal here! (And proud of it!)

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