Nike Plus Size…It Was Already a “Thing”


When I heard everyone getting super hyped up about Nike’s “new” plus sized line…I was like, “Whaaa-?” Mainly because I had already been purchasing plus sized Nike gear for 2-3 years now. You can check out some of my Curvy Girl Workout Gear posts for details here and here. They prove that Nike has had plus sizes for a while now!

With that being said, this really should have been advertised as an expansion! While I am super excited about the expansion, WHY just WHY does it include so little? Plus sized women can probably get super-sucked into buying all these expensive outfits more than the tiny chicks!! The normalcy of being able to wear a t-shirt with a NIKE CHECK on it is worth big money for larger girls. I know that it is to me!

Now that I have all that out of the way, I do want to point out some of my favorites from the expanded collection. You can check them out below, but if you want the quarter zip I’m wearing above, check it here. If you want the shorts I’m wearing above, check them here (in multiple colorways.)

Happy shopping, my pretty curvy friends!


Women’s Long Sleeve Top


Women’s T-Shirt


Women’s Training Tights

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