Classic & Scholarly #PSOOTD


Every now and then, I put on glasses. I think I look smarter in glasses, and basically every time I wear them I ask other people “DO I LOOK SMARTER TODAY!?” I think it’s just obvious…I want to look smart. That’s why I carry a coffee even if the cup is empty. Clearly, I want to be scholarly, but you know what? I’m not HAHA! I dropped out of college. Fooled you all with these pictures though!


I do have the advantage of living near a really cool-looking city, though! Indianapolis is awesome, and the Broad Ripple area is basically a photographer or blogger’s dream. There are nicks and crannies and hipster props, and I am very serious about using strange, dirty backgrounds in my photos as well. SO much so that my friends have to ask me if I’m serious. (YES, friends, I am- stop asking!)


Enough about randomness! This is my favorite outfit right now. I’ve been wearing it at least once a week, but I’ve come to the realization that the shirt is way too big for me now. You can’t see it in these photos, but for real. I need to get rid of it! I think the outfit paired with the sleek middle part hairdo is a simple, classic mixing of patterns and classic beauty.

Check out these simple outfit details below!


Shirt- H&M | Pants- Old Navy (Similar) | Shoes- Gap (Similar) | Glasses- Firmoo | Cup- (Similar)


Once again, I love shooting with Ashley ( and Kelli ( I swear to you, it’s non-stop fun with them. AND to be honest, they push me to be a better blogger. There are many times over the last year that I could have stopped, but then that wouldn’t be much like me, would it? Check them out.

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