Black & White All Over #500FashionFridays

If you’re in Indiana… SCRATCH THAT. If you’ve ever even HEARD of Indiana, you know we are made famous by our Indianapolis 500 race that happens every Memorial Day weekend. That big, black and white, checkered flag should just be our state flag at this point!


Something the 500 marketing peoples have come up with is #500FashionFridays, and while I’m not quite too keen on going to the races, I can get behind some of the 500 Festival events and DEFINITELY this black and white Friday fashion trend.


I’m fully LOVING the Victoria Beckham for Target line (which is all on sale now, by the way.) This is the first of MANY pieces you will see on me from that collection, and I am telling you- the price and quality are great on them! They make them in straight and plus sizes, and the plus run true to size in most pieces, and a little large on some. This tank top (is wrinkly…) is a great piece to dress up for work or a night out, or throw on some jeans with to keep it casual.


Another favorite is this big, ‘ole Kate Spade bag. Fun fact? It’s a diaper bag- didn’t realize it when I bought it, but here I am now NOT CARING AT ALL. Because it’s an awesome size for full day outings or as an overnight. You can pack in snacks, change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, all your toiletries, and some water for a hot day on the track. This bad boy has you covered. And then of course if I even have a kid- I’ve got some options.


If you are seeking some outfit details, please shop my look below!


If you need a quick face of makeup for that “no makeup makeup” look, check out my daily beauty essentials here!


By the way, I’ve hired an 8 year old to do my blog photos, and she’s doing a spectacular job- just in case anyone needs a new photog. ;)

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