Booty Shorts Alternative – Plus Size Country Concert Outfit

Girls, if you can wear booty shorts, rock them! I am in no way against them, but as a bigger girl, I just don’t feel super comfortable in jean booty shorts while I’m tailgating or sitting in a lawn with a few thousand other concert-goers.

It’s probably because I only shave until halfway up my thigh on most days. Or because I am afraid my crotch will fall out, but I prefer a longer alternative. Of course you could go for pants, but I also need some sort of heat relief, especially if I’m doing any sort of dancing (AKA making a fool of myself.)

Over the weekend, I went to the Sam Hunt concert. *swoons* I decided to go for a long, flowy skirt- and it was pure floral perfection. It gave me coverage, it gave me a breeze, and most importantly, it was cute as hell! I could sit on the lawn without feeling like I was flashing everyone and was completely comfortable. I’m officially obsessed with this skirt and have worn it multiple times in just the last week!

I paired the skirt with a fun little slogan t-shirt that tucked in. Who doesn’t love a good graphic T? Especially a pretty pink one that says BABETOWN USA like this!? You could always tie a knot on the side if you are worried about the shirt getting bunched up or uncomfortable from being tucked in!

You can shop this look below, and head on out to your next outdoor concert (of any genre) in style!


Photos by Kelly Musick

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