Fierce & Feisty & Freakin’ Weird – Plus Size Summer Outfit

This plus size summer outfit post was compensated by Ashley Stewart & the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own. #AshleyStewart #ad


I made a realization that while I’m REAL on my blog, I’m not always my full self. I may be reserved, a bit too professional, even. I was looking through my Instagram thinking about how I have MUCH better captions in my mind, but then I settle for boring “check this out here and look there” mumbo jumbo that no one wants to hear!

While I can’t promise you’ll never have that mumbo jumbo (I’m a Capricorn- professionalism is in my DNA!) I can promise you that I am going to try harder to be more real, more fierce, feisty…and just freakin’ weird. It’s just me, guys! Take it or leave it, I am embracing the strange, and I hope it makes you like me even more!


These shorts? Super fun, but too long. I am thinking of cutting them off even more to my liking. It can’t hurt, right? The shorts, the black tank, and the tiger kimono are all from Ashley Stewart. You know the drill. AS has been gracious enough to gift me this outfit, and they have been nice enough to give me the code PRIMP40 so you can get 40% off new arrivals here.


In case you’re wondering, the shoes are from Meijer (see similar below,) and the concoction in my cup is a lot tastier than the butt smoothie I had in my last post! (Iced Cafe Latte with 3 pumps sugar free vanilla, 1% milk, and a caramel drizzle via Starbucks)

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