Beginner Blogging – THE CONCEPT


One of the questions I am frequently asked is a general “HOW DO I START BLOGGING?” I genuinely like to try to help everyone that asks me, because it’s (clearly) something I am very passionate about. I’ve been in love with writing since I was in elementary school, and have been blogging in one way or another all the way back to when computers were first being introduced as an everyday household accessory.

I took journaling on paper to journaling online through Word, and then transitioned to Xanga, then MySpace notes, to Blogger, then WordPress, and now I’m hosting my own site and using the WordPress platform. Not everyone realizes at a young age that they want to blog. So where do you start?

It can be overwhelming, right? You have so many steps to do to get it up and running, but believe me- it can be easier than you think! It really takes a few steps that can be easily broken down. My plan is to break down these easy steps for you so you can make blogging a reality for yourself!


I have seven blogs planned that cover everything from The Concept (this blog) to Idea Generation, Making Money and everything in between. The Concept is a great place to start, because you have to know what you want to blog about in the beginning. Whether it sticks throughout…well, that’s a whole different topic!



6 tips on Developing Your Blog Concept


Tip #1- Write What You Love

If you’re writing about things you love, you’ll never run out of things to write about! You will have a never-ending flow of inspiration from within, and it will be a great form of therapy too. If I didn’t write about all the clothes I’m loving, I would probably buy a lot more to fill that void. On the other hand, my blog has evolved to encompass all the things I love- and my blog is probably one of those things I love the most!


Tip #2- Write Before Launching

Try to organize yourself and your blog before launching. It can help you develop a cadence or a strong writing voice before you even hit publish for the first time. It will help you to develop your concept and make it more concrete as you go along, because believe me, your concept will forever be developing.


Tip #3- Don’t Write Just to Post Something New

Your readers will be able to tell when you are posting and it doesn’t feel authentic. Don’t write things just because they feel trendy if it’s not something you’re totally behind. Don’t write just because you haven’t posted in a week and think you need “anything” up. It will turn into a post that you’re not proud of and is just a waste of time! Later down the road, don’t take a sponsorship if you don’t love the products! I’ll talk a lot more about this when I write about making money.


Tip #4- Become a Regular

Whether you know you want to post multiple times per week or you only intend to post once per month, in whatever you do, become a regular at it. I find consistency to be difficult when things get crazy, but rewarding and important. If readers know they can see posts from you twice per week and then you ghost them for a few weeks, they may question things. If you have to take a hiatus, be forthright about it! Let them know you’ve had a busy week but will be back on track next week. A simple post on social media can let people know not to unfollow you just yet!


Tip # 5- Become a Professional

You have to tackle your blog and the concept like you’re the best at what you do. No, I’m not saying to walk around like an arrogant brat, but I am saying to have confidence in what you’re doing. Professionals seek other professionals for help. If you know you have a strong handle on the photography, but you need help with storytelling, ask someone for help! Find a blogger you love and reach out to them. I’d say a majority of the community is accepting and helpful. It could spark a friendship and you can help each other along the way.


Tip #6- Be Ready for Change

Like everything, blogging can change from day to day. Platforms you use go through changes, trends change, online communities develop over time, and your personal tastes will be rapidly changing as well. I’ve seen many people start out blogging about X and end up blogging about Y and Z. Personally, The Pretty Plus was developed to be strictly plus size fashion and beauty. Now look at it! I am blogging about blogging. I write about health, wellness, lifestyle, products, budgeting, etc. It goes back to blogging about what you love! Be sure to accept changes with open arms, because they will happen!




I hope these tips were helpful as a quick intro to blogging! My next post will be more about the HOW, or THE EXECUTION. You want to start a blog about XYZ, but you don’t know where to go from there? I’ve got some tips and tricks, suggestions, and my own triumphs and fails to share. Be sure to check back for that post soon.

If you blog, leave tips below for newbies on developing their blog concepts!

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