Personal Style & Building Your Dream Closet

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I’m partnering with Schwarzkopf US and Walmart with Dress for Success® on this post. If you didn’t know, Dress for Success empowers women by giving them tools they need to achieve economic independence. Through mentoring and education, they’re making a huge difference in your community and across the seas. Over one million women have been helped by this international organization and its programs. This partnership empowers women looking for upward mobility to revitalize women’s hair and clothing options so they can be as successful as they look.

I love everything Dress for Success stands for, and their partnership with Schwarzkopf has inspired me to share how to revamp your personal style and build your dream closet! I even share my experience with the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color below, so be sure to check out my hair transformation!


Find Your Personal Style

Easier said than done, right? Finding your personal style can be somewhat of a jumble. It’s a journey, which is a nice way of saying a PROCESS. I thought I’d include a fun little quiz to help you narrow down your perfect style. This is by NO MEANS a perfect indicator, but I thought it was a bit of fun. Let me know in the comments which one you land on!

I landed on “Minimalist/Classic,” which doesn’t surprise me, because I made this quiz and just used my answers to guide that column! I’d be really interested to know if you got one that matches your idea of style or if you got one that made you think, “Hmm…I’ve never thought that before, but you could be on to something!”


Decide on the Look You Want

After you’ve reflected on your personal style, you should begin to decide on the look you want. For me, I like a streamlined, modern, minimal look. So I like to align my style with that. If you’re more into a vintage style, bold style, eclectic style, etc., then you can make your style your own. BUT HOW? That’s the big question, right? Here are a few ways I like to draw style inspiration:

  • Pinterest– Create a board for style, pin things you love! It’s that simple, but you can begin to see the looks you gravitate toward.
  • Instagram– Of course, scrolling through Instagram can give you major inspo, but using the SAVE feature can help you to come back to the things you are loving for style. Fortunately, people link everything they are wearing these days, so it will come in handy when you’re looking to supplement your wardrobe later on.
  • Other Media– Magazines, books, blogs, etc. These are all solid sources of inspiration! Don’t count anything out.
  • Real Life– It’s hard to pull ourselves off the screen sometimes, but if you look up, you will find inspiration. Maybe your best friend has an undeniable style, or you’re sitting downtown just soaking in the different outfits. It’s all inspo that you can take and store, which can lead to influence over your style as well.


Purge the Excess

Dive in your closet. Take everything out. THEN, you can make the conscious effort to only put the things back in that you LOVE. Don’t hold on to things you hate because “it was a gift” or “it was expensive!” Take those things out of your life if they don’t serve you and your style. The closet above is mine AFTER the 5th big purge I’ve done this year. I’m trying to get it to look more like my capsule (below.) Sometimes it can be a process! Don’t give in to letting things go you LOVE just because it doesn’t fit your “ideal” either! That can be what makes your style personal to you!

When you do get rid of clothes, you can always sell those pieces (like I have been!) Then you can use the extra cash for the next step…


Fill in the Gaps

AKA SHOPPING! The best part, right?! Take a good look at your closet now. You’ve taken out the junk, but what are you missing? You can always turn back to your Pinterest board or your saved Instagrams to help with this. Do you see any reoccurring themes? Do you see a similar trench coat multiple times? Do you gravitate toward brunette hair looks? You can use these things to fill in gaps in your closet and your beauty regimen! It will add quality to your closet, and will make round out your wardrobe to make you happy with your personal style.


Supplement with Beauty

No doubt about it, the way you look from the shoulders up can change your style tremendously! I love glowy, no makeup makeup for daily looks and a bold lip added on in the evening for a bit of fun. You may be the type go full glam, or maybe you just prefer a bare face! Whatever you prefer, it all adds to the wonder that is your own personal style.


As for hair, for so long, I have been rocking an ombré look going from light brown to a golden blonde. I think that a really great way to mix up your personal style is to shake up your norm in terms of hair and makeup. I decided to try out a deeper brown shade (but not too dark,) and of course, I decided to do it myself, because I found the PERFECT color from the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color range in Berry Brown at Walmart! You can see my before & after above. I love the deeper color, especially heading into fall!


I loved using Schwarzkopf Keratin Color, because it’s professional quality and the range offers flattering colors. The box comes with a pre-treatment that allows rich, even color to be distributed to your hair. It’s super easy to use in just 3 simple steps! Make sure you do the patch test and wear the gloves, then step one is to apply the pre-treatment. Step 2, mix the color cream and developer, wait, and rinse. Step 3 is my favorite- the keratin conditioner. And VOILA! Perfect hair color in under 45 minutes.


You can pick up your best Schwarzkopf Keratin Color from Walmart and try for yourself! Don’t forget that there is an Ibotta app offer for a $2 rebate AND a “Try Me Free” rebate from Gliss. (Hint: This means you could be getting money to try their product, and I am SURE you will love it!)

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