Do you find yourself binging on donuts? Eating a whole bag of chips? Eating bread as your main course with a side of pasta and a cake for dessert? Yeah, me too. I am struggling these days with the carbs, so I decided what’s better to do than take a whole month to detox?!

I can’t do this alone guys! Well, I am sure I could, but I don’t want to! I have already gotten many of my friends, family, and readers joining in with me for a #NOFLUFFCHALLENGE, so I thought I would share some details here in case you want to join in!

First of all, my WHY is because I had Weight Loss Surgery back in February. While I am down NINETY POUNDS, I am still a work in progress. I know I shouldn’t be eating as much carbs as I have been, so I want to do this to get back on track with my weight loss. The why for you may be to kick some weight before you add back on your winter/holiday weight, to generally feel better (as I always do when I kick the carbs,) to try a new, holistic approach to health, etc. Whatever your reason, do it for YOU! Read below for details!



  • No bread
  • No pasta
  • No pastries
  • No rice
  • No candy
  • No ice cream
  • No alcohol
  • No soda

Yeah, this is strict. You know yourself better than I do, so if you want to do the challenge but still have rice or still allow a drink on the weekend or whatever, that is your choice. Doing this in general is a choice, but what you include as “FLUFF” or those foods we fill up on that don’t serve our bodies is also your choice!

For example, I will probably still allow myself to have protein bars. I know my body needs protein, and some days it’s all I can do to shove half a protein bar down. Sure, it could be considered a “sweet” or FLUFF, but it’s something I know my body will need and I want to be upfront to myself instead of let myself down later.

I’ve already had people ask me about “substitutions.” Again, you can make this your own. If you want to try “cloud bread,” go for it! If you want to use almond or coconut flour, by all means do so. This isn’t a food police type of situation. If you mess up, guess what? You can just get back on track! No need to count the day or week or month as a loss. Just do your best!



I am going to do my best to keep documenting what I am eating on social media. I may not show EVERY day, or I may not show EVERY meal, but I plan on showing what I’m eating as often as I remember, sharing some recipes, and giving you all some inspiration along the way.

Be sure to follow and use the hashtag #NOFLUFFCHALLENGE and tag me in your posts!

You can see my #NOFLUFFCHALLENGE Pinterest board here! I have already added some awesome recipes I plan on making this month! If you want to join the board with me and pin as well, just email me ( and let me know!


I hope this challenge inspires you and gets you pumped up to eat healthily in October! I’m looking forward to seeing the yummy things you’re eating and the progress you’ll make! Save the image above and add it to your InstaStory if you are joining! (Remember to #NOFLUFFCHALLENGE and tag me, @theprettyplus!) I can’t wait!!


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