Minimalist Scandinavian Style Dreamland- IKEA Fishers

When I think of myself, which I happen to do a lot, I think of modern and classic style. I’m converting to a more minimalist approach, but in the mean time, I still tend to want ALL THE THINGS. Especially the things that look modern and stylish. Here’s where the amazing problem comes in: IKEA is now in my home state of Indiana. Not only is it in my home state, but it’s less than an hour from my house! I am equal parts excited for my happiness, and sad for my wallet!



I was lucky enough to go to a press preview day, and I shared all my findings via Insta Stories. If you didn’t get a chance to see them, I have compiled them all into a little video, so it’s worth checking out if you want to see a bit of a walk-through!


If you’re local to Indiana, you definitely want to read all about the grand opening ceremony. I’m linking one of my blogger friends, Ann-Marie from Chaos is Bliss. She posted ALL ABOUT the opening ceremonies (read: DOOR PRIZES!) for the first weekend IKEA is open in Fishers.


If you are dying to know outfit details, I’ve got them for you here! I loved wearing this super soft sweater and classic black boots from H&M to the opening! The boots are amazingly comfortable, and I wore them all day with no problems.



A big thanks to Sarah from for taking these photos of me in the IKEA displays. She was in my tour group, so she was nice enough to help me out a little! It was amazing seeing so many of my Indy Blog Society friends at the preview as well. I have linked some of their IKEA posts for you below as well, so be sure to check them out when you get the chance!

And remember, if you’re local, head to IKEA as soon as you possibly can! There are great prizes starting on opening day, October 11th!


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