5 Fall Fashion Tips for the Crazy Cat Lady

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I have 2 best friends that are quite the handful. They are hairy, needy, demanding, and hungry at all times. I mean, the only thing they give back to me is the joy of a good cuddle, and I guess a little love. I’m talking about my cats, you guys! (Not my human best friends, but they do fall into a few of these categories as well!)

It’s fall, and fall fashion is the BEST fashion. Chunky sweaters and all black everything can be difficult to navigate if you’ve got some furry friends that like to share the love. I’m sharing my 5 Fall Fashion Tips for the Crazy Cat Lady below, along with how I treat my best friends to their favorite meal for fall with Purina® Muse® below!


5 Fall Fashion Tips for the Crazy Cat Lady


Have a Lint Roller at the Ready

I have a lint roller in basically every room in the house, by every door, and in both of our cars. It’s imperative, if you want to keep looking fresh whilst being a cat owner!


Keep Your Clothes Put Away

This sounds like a chore, right? I mean, it is, but it’s an important one! If I leave clothes out anywhere, my cats are taking it upon themselves to make my clothing their beds. I make sure to hang up my clothes, close the closet door, and if I don’t then I definitely regret it! (Which happens way too often.)


Change Your Digs

This tip is for both before and after you leave and return home. I wait until the LAST minute to throw my clothes on, because inevitably, when I get dressed, one of my cats is going to want a cuddle. THEN you will have cat hair all over and need to change. Another thing I do is that I make sure to change out of nice clothes right when I get home. Sweaters can be the WORST to remove hair from, especially if they are a chunky knit. It’s best to not even leave them on so it doesn’t happen accidentally- like from sitting on the couch or if you’re me, just walking through the hall!


Vacuum Like a Madwoman

North LOVES to roll around on our floors. She sheds so much, and her black fur on my cream carpet is a constant struggle! We make sure to vacuum a few times a week, so that the hair isn’t circulating all around the house, getting on our clothes, and causing a ruckus.


Learn to Embrace It…Just a Little Bit

Yeah, I wear black…a lot! I have to just go with the flow sometimes! You can’t remove every piece of hair from your clothes all the time, but if you just go with it, live life, and proudly claim your kitties, then you should have no problem! (Definitely get a lint roller. Attempt to pull yourself together, but don’t worry TOO MUCH if you miss a hair!) Just enjoy the cuddles and the love. It’s just fashion anyway!


Now, my crazy little cat best friends really love to eat. North (the black and white one) is probably the happiest when she is being fed. In the morning, she will cuddle and purr and love on us until we feed her, and then for the rest of the day, she is good. She doesn’t need us anymore. Joey 2 Chainz, our orange guy, is just a lover of food, especially wet food. He is a BIG broth guy, so a wet cat food that really brothy is his jam.


They LOVE Purina® Muse®, and I love giving it to them because their ingredients are so great. They have no grain, no corn, and no soy, so I have no problems feeding them anything from the line. For their wet food, they are loving the Natural Chicken & Herring in Chowder and the Natural Chicken in Broth. Even North, my girl who doesn’t usually gravitate toward wet food, loves it!


For their dry food, they absolutely devour the Charmed with Chicken, made with chicken as the #1 ingredient. It has pumpkin in it too, which seems so fall to me! North purrs while eating this stuff- it’s seriously so cute! It’s important to establish a good mix of wet and dry food for your cats. You wouldn’t just want to eat the same, dry food all the time, would you? Neither would your cats!

Look out for a new range of Masterpieces Dry Formulas coming in February of 2018! I’m sure North and Joey 2 Chainz will love trying it out. You can see a live demo and win some prizes (while supplies last) by watching their Facebook Live event on 10/18 at 9PM EST.


You can pick up Purina® Muse® at Petco if you want to let your cat try! I highly suggest you give it a go, as my cats, who are kind of foodie snobs, absolutely adore everything from the Muse range. You can try Muse RISK FREE with their Muse Clean Plate™ Guarantee! If your cat says no, they’ll return your dough! (I doubt they’ll say no if they’re anything like my kittens!) Hopefully getting them some great cat food will bribe them into staying AWAY from my chunky knit sweaters and black pants! (Yeah, right!)

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