Dressing Room Try-On Sesh – Eloquii, Universal Standard, Good American

 If I could buy everything that I try on and LOVE, I would be in (way more) debt. I swear, since losing weight and becoming happier with the figure I see, I am enjoying fashion even more than I did before! It’s all about being happy with yourself at whatever size you are, but I would be lying to say I don’t get a kick out of seeing a healthier me in the mirror!

ANYWAY, this whole post is to show you some things I am LOVING that are in stores (or online) right now, but I didn’t necessarily get to bring them home with me. *womp, wompppp* If you like this kind of post, or want me to do it as a VIDEO, I would be open to that!

Below I have some outfits from a few different stores I’ve visited in the last few months along with links for your shopping ease! I hope you enjoy, and DEFINITELY let me now if you see something on me that I NEED to go out and get ASAP. I’m down for your opinions!



Okay, so I have admittedly never shopped Eloquii. I’ve seen some things by the brand that have interested me, but nothing so much that I had to make a purchase. My sole intent of going into the store was to try on this brown long-line coat. They didn’t have my size in store (14/16,) so I tried it on in a similar style (plaid!)

I actually really valued the in-store experience, and will consider making a purchase in the future. I really was weirded out that in some cases the smallest size, 14/16, didn’t fit me. That was a bit of a bummer since I do consider myself a 16/18 right now. Other than that, I have a new found spot in my heart for the store! I realized it’s not ALL frill and over the top patterns. A minimal, classic lover like me can find things to love from the brand as well.



You know by now that I have an obsession with Universal Standard. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them on a few occasions and share my favorite pieces with you. Everything I’ve ordered has fit like a glove, and I am obsessed, but there were so many things I had been wanting to try…so knowing they were doing a pop-up shop just a few hours from home? I was IN. I was SO excited to go, grabbed one of my best girlfriends, and was on my way.

When I went into the shop, it was everything dreams were made of. I tried on a lot of the clothes, and unfortunately, my phone was messing up big time. I didn’t get all the pictures (somehow) that I was trying to snap to share. I have a few things above to show you, but my favorite pieces that I tried on were the Raquette Cashmere Stripe (M), and the Moro Ponte Pants (SM.)  (Spoiler alert: I bought the Moro pants, and only my wallet was stopping me from buying the cashmere sweater.)

I tried on the Mae Sweater (M) and I’m not a huge fan of how it looks on me, even though I desperately wanted to love it! Something I did LOVE that I didn’t expect to is the Baes Jacket (SM.) It’s got a super 60’s, Beatles vibe to it. I can REALLY get behind that look!


Click here to shop, and type in the name in the search to find each piece, or browse the site to find loves of your own!



I had been dying to get my hands on a pair of Good American jeans at the suggestions of my bloggy friends Kelli (Big Hair & Foodie Fare) and Tawny (Glamorously Mommy.) They both highly suggest, and the cool thing is that they are SIZE INCLUSIVE, so I can wear the same jeans as Miss Kelli, who probably wears a size 2 or something.

I tried them on, and I did love them. I found that their sizing differed GREATLY between the different styles, so don’t assume because you are one size in one that you will be in another. I was a 20 in some and a 14-16 in others! BUT, they fit really well when I could find the right size! The ones I have on in the photos are a 20. They are a spendy purchase, so I don’t think I will grab a pair unless I can get a good sale price or if I stay one size for more than a week!

A few other loves were the jacket pictured above and the blue sweater, both by my favorite brand, Eileen Fisher. The jacket (XL) was LOVE at first sight: moto style, navy blue, suede, cropped… Seriously. Love. Again, my wallet says no, so I had to leave it behind. But I have already tried it on AGAIN at another time. Sheesh. I love the super soft sweater (XL) I paired with it!

The cream sweater (XL) got to come home with me, so you will get to see it in a post soon, I’m sure! It’s from the Halogen brand, so it wasn’t too expensive, it’s super soft, and I mulled it over for too long, but ended up deciding it was a necessity!


Hope you guys liked this little trip to the dressing room with me! I liked putting together a post like this since I’ve actually had the clothes on my body! I do love to dream about things, but I also like to show you things I’ve actually felt and tried them on to tell you how and if they fit!

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