GIMME DAT CARDIGAN – 7 Picks for Cardigans at Nordstrom Sale

I’m all hyped up on being cozy lately. I freaking LOVE just sitting around on the couch, cup of tea, remote in my hand, cat on my lap, husband by my side….pure perfection! One of my favorite articles of clothing in this cozy stage of life is a good ole’ cardigan. I get it honestly, because I am pretty sure my mom LIVES in a cardigan. I had to tell her to throw her favorite one away the other day because there was a QUARTER SIZED HOLE on the shoulder. Don’t worry, I sent her home with a new one!

This one’s dedicated to my MAMA! Go on, Mom. Draw some inspiration from the Nordstrom Fall Sale’s Cardigan selection and grab a pretty new one! Many of these are 40% off, and my favorite one is under $30! Check out my cardigan picks a la Nordstrom below!

P.S. If you need some inspiration for things to do at home while all cozied up in your cardigans, check out this post on 7 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself!


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