MY VIB VIP – Tips for Shopping the Sephora 20% OFF Sale


When you hear the words SEPHORA and SALE used in the same sentence, it’s almost like all bets are off. You whip out your credit card and get ALL THE THINGS. Well, I don’t necessarily think that’s the best way to go about things anymore. Believe me, I used to grab everything, spend upwards of $800 in a week, and feel really excited at first…but then I was left with a bunch of things I didn’t necessarily end up reaching for or have a need for in the first place.

I have 3 big tips that you should remember and use for shopping the Sephora VIB Sale.

  1. Research your purchases.
  2. Use the sale to repurchase things you love.
  3. Really think about how you see the products fitting into your life.

With all that being said, I thought I would share my VIP products to pick up during the VIB sale. These are things that I have used and love and either HAVE repurchased or would purchase over and over again. Check them out for some inspiration for shopping the sale!




  • Rouge- 20FORROUGE
  • Insider- INSIDER15

You can use this code as many times as you want, but it will only work in your tier. If you don’t know what tier you’re in, you’re probably an INSIDER with 15% off. I was a lucky Rouge member in years past with early access, but I’ve been good in my spending and been reduced back to a plain old VIB. Still 20%, just later!

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