“How hard is it to look glamorous standing in field? Apparently not that hard, if you’re me. Did you notice my little light halo? Thats b/c I’m a friggin’ angel. But you guys already knew that.” -Kelli from

Clearly, she knows me so well. I thought about deleting that all, but c’mon. I’m in a field. The wind is blowing like a MOTHER and my tripod broke into like 25 pieces. I TOOK THIS PHOTO WITH A TIMER ON THE TOP OF MY CAR. This is more impressive than anything else I’ve done in my life, people. This is where I’ve peaked, people.


Also, I look like John Lennon. It’s fine.



Regardless of all that hyped up jazz I’m spewing above, I do want to share some outfit details with you all! The big star in this bunch are these sweet, matte black and round sunglasses from DIFF Eyewear! They are running a super sweet sale this week, so check out their tiered discount pricing at the bottom of this post!

This jacket is a necessity for me right now. I had been looking for a long camel jacket, but found that this length fits me and my needs better. I grabbed it from Old Navy for under $40! Right now, it’s still on sale, so go getcha one! They always have the cutest jackets for such a steal. I’m eyeing a blush one as we speak! And do I even have to explain these amazing red shoes?! All the items in this outfit are linked for you below. EXACTLY. How perfect is that?!






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