Capsule wardrobe. You all know it’s something I am working toward, because I can’t shut up about it! I have to say, in ways, it’s gotten easier. In other ways, it’s become harder. I think that one of my favorite things about it is truly being able to go into my wardrobe and LOVE everything in there instead of feeling “meh” about most things. I like the simplicity of it all.

But the other part of it is that my body is changing every day. Something that fits today may legitimately not fit tomorrow. Of course, I’ve had weight loss surgery, so it’s to be expected. I just didn’t expect it to be so drastic. I didn’t expect it to be so draining. To  be completely honest, I expected big number changes to my weight loss every week, but instead, it’s been a series of steady numbers and body changes. I’m still coming around to this all.

I say all that to say that these jeans are the only ones I have right now that REALLY fit me. I have a black pair that I find a bit too tight, but are do-able. I have a medium jean wash that are okay to wear for a few hours and then they end up becoming WAY too baggy. And then wouldn’t you know it? I look at these photos and notice that the legs on this pair are looking baggier than I would prefer as well. I roll with it. I’ll just wash and dry these for a good 4 weeks until I can’t make them work anymore! It’s all part of it, right? And this jacket? Too big as well. BUT WE ROLL WITH IT. I can’t afford to be a super cool fashion blogger these days, okay? So I hope you don’t mind the REALNESS of my baggy-ish clothes!


This outfit is a go-to for me, as you know how passionate I am about keeping it casual, minimal, and neutral. I love the gray palette inside this bright, adorable brunch spot, The Lemon Bar. I met up for brunch and a little bloggy time here and had a GREAT time. Granted, the service was sparse, but my Fish & Chips were pretty tasty! Plus, my company was pretty great! Check below for links to similar pieces to make an outfit like this one, and then see even FURTHER below for some sweet decor and food shots from The Lemon Bar by my guuuurl, Kelli.




Check out the gorgeous photos below of The Lemon Bar in Zionsville. These, and the photos above, were all taken by my Blogger Wife Kelli of Be sure to check back to her blog to see a full review of The Lemon Bar and other hot brunch spots in Indianapolis on her brunch series!

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