A new year, a fresh start– I THRIVE on stuff like this. I mean, I am the kind of girl who runs on 3 different planners just because I love making goals and knowing what my next moves are. (I’m paring it down to one, okay? It’s just going to take a while.)


This year, when it comes to resolutions, I kept it simple, which is fitting since I’ve deemed my word of the year to be “SIMPLICITY.” Last year, I basically just wanted to get my shit together and lose weight. This year, I am looking to refine the changes I’ve made. One of those changes being weight loss.

While I still have room to go before I hit my goal weight, I just realize that the high of losing weight isn’t doing it for me anymore. I am met by the impending doom that the more weight I lose, the less definition I will have, the more sagging skin I will have, and the less happy I feel. I know I need to be working out more, getting some cardio and weight toning in daily, and I know that things I’ve been doing haven’t be effective.


Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be fashionable while I’m working out. This outfit, c/o Lane Bryant is a new favorite of mine. I am LOVING the new sculpting line from Livi Active. The bra has no underwire and is LIFE CHANNGING. These shoes are Adidas NMD R1. I got them in a men’s 5, but they make them in women’s as well. They look hella cool, and are super comfy! See below for outfit details.


I live in a small town, so my desire for group classes doesn’t get met all too often. For a while, I was working out to P90x with my husband and our friend. While some of the days I felt really empowered to be doing such a hard workout, I actually found that it wasn’t working well for me because of my busy, changing schedule. To be successful with the plan, you should workout for 45+ minutes per day to the correct DVD, and I felt like when I was listening to my body, most of the time it wasn’t telling me to spend 65 minutes working out my arms.


I decided that, short of hiring a personal trainer, I was going to be the best one to decide what I did with my body. I took it upon myself to create a 21 minute Plus Size HIIT Workout that includes workouts I like to do, gives me a general overall workout, and uses body weight and a resistance band- making it easy to do at home. You don’t have to be plus size to try this out, but as a plus size woman myself, I know that sometimes things are uncomfortable to do. This is just short enough, but also includes exercises that can be done with a larger body or can easily be modified until you can work up to doing them all.

If you’re interested in trying it out, go ahead and PIN the image below so you can come back to it. While you’re at it, print it off so you can keep it wherever you work out! Let me know if you try it out and love it by tagging me on Instagram (@theprettyplus).

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    This is great! I’m definitely going to try this!! I might omit the push ups.

    01/12/2018 at 7:23 pm
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