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Brittney Mason

An Indiana girl through and through, I have a flair for the art of fashion, beauty and design that normally don’t creep up in sleepy Indiana.

I’m 26 years old and work in advertising for a Fortune 500 media company, but my heart is in writing. I have precious friends and an amazing family who support me in every way possible. My biggest support is my husband, the love of my life, Brett! We got married in May 2014, and I couldn’t be more excited and happy for our future.

My style is classic with a hint of whatever vibe I am feeling that day. You will see me rocking country chic, vogue, boho, total glam, bold, and about every other trend….but I always tie it in with a classic, modern outfit. Most of my adventurous looks are only “adventurous” in my mind and the playfulness is always brought in by 1 piece, whether it be clothing or an accessory or a bold makeup look for that day. I am thrifty and love to pair vintage with modern. For makeup, you will almost always find me with a rosy pink glow and a bronze eye– it seems to be my go-to look! (But if you find me at work, it may be that “Homeless Chic” look that is so trendy right now.)

The Pretty Plus is about life. I write about my life, but I am sure you can find something to connect us. I write about beauty, plus size fashion, lifestyle, weight loss, food, road trips, girl’s nights, my cat, my loves, and mainly about me. I’m proud when people say they like The Pretty Plus because it’s real. I am happy when someone asks for my advice, my opinion, my “expertise” even. I am thankful for the love I’ve found in blogging and am happy to share my findings with you.

This year, The Pretty Plus is focused on simplicity. I want to find the true loves of my life. I want to document and share. I want to break things down that I understand so that I can share my knowledge, whilst seeking others’ knowledge in return. Thank you for being a part of The Pretty Plus, whether you’ve only read a paragraph or if you’ve read every word.

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